“The body is the way to our spirit, to our true Self.
That’s what asana is for”.

Tim Feldmann is the director of Miami Life Center, the yoga shala he founded with his wife Kino MacGregor and Matt Tashjian. He was set on the yoga path by his first teacher Lino Miele and is Authorized to teach directly by the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Method, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and his grandson, R. Sharath Jois. A practitioner of the Advanced A series Tim is dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga’s traditional method.

A near fatal falling accident in 1992 led Tim on the yogic path. His teaching integrates extensive studies of F.M. Alexander Technique and sitting meditation with 20 years of experience as a professional dancer and an internationally acclaimed choreographer. His in-depth knowledge of functional anatomy, alignment as well as the idiosyncratic body and mind in stillness and in motion creates the platform upon which his solid understanding of the Ashtanga method rests.

Tim’s humorous, straight forward yet profound teaching style makes him a cherished teacher, traveling extensively throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.


  • The Practice

    The Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa system is sequences of postures that vary in difficulty and benefit. The flow between each posture is an integral part of the practice.

  • Asana

    There are three groups of movement sequences and six series in total: The Primary Series, Yoga Chikitsa, cleanses and tunes especially the physical body. The Intermediate Series, Nadi Shodhana, purifies the nervous system, opening up for more subtle experiences of our energies and mind. The Advanced Series A, B, C and D, Sthira Bhaga, literally meaning strength and grace, which further explores flexibility, vigor and tranquility as an integrated synergy, requiring higher levels of humility and dedication. Each series of postures must be accomplished before proceeding to the next. The practice is cumulative and it is essential to follow the order of postures (asanas) meticulously as each individual asana builds on the previous one and prepares practitioners for the next. The sequential process of learning Ashtanga Yoga allows its practitioners to develop the concentration, strength, flexibility and stamina needed to progress in a safe and balanced manner. Each asana, or group of asanas, has a specific effect that is counter balanced by the previous asana, or group of asanas.

  • Vinyasa

    Postures are linked together through flowing movement (vinyasa). Vinyasa means breath synchronized with movement. In Ashtanga Yoga the movement is always synchronized with the breath and there is never a separation between the two actions. When the synchronization of movement and breathing is an integral part of the yoga practice and the three body locks (Moolabandha, Udiyanabandha and jalandarabandha) are applied, an internal, purifying heat is generated in the body. Unwanted toxins are released and disposed of, vital hormones and minerals flow into the bloodstream and the nervous system is purified. The result is a light and strong body.

  • Tristana

    Ashtanga Yoga utilizes a three-pronged approach called Tristana. Tristana consists of correct breathing (Ujjayi), yoga postures/asanas (including correct use of the bandhas), and the precise gazeing (dristi). This is both a method and a state and practitioners develope control of the senses, a deep awareness of themsleves and their inner sensations, emotions and workings of the mind. By maintaining this discipline with regularity and devotion, practitioners develop steadiness of body and mind.

  • The Practice

    The eight branches mutually support each other and are to be learned and taken into daily committed action. An established asana practice prepares dedicated yogis for a balanced practice of the more subtle limbs such as pranayama and meditation. Embodying the Yamas and Niyamas is of essence if any of the eight limbs are to take effect. At the very heart of yoga is ethical living, honesty and compassion.

  • How to Learn

    Please note that you should learn only from a traditionally trained teacher who follows the lineage of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois to ensure a safe and healthy journey for the body and mind into the science of the Ashtanga Method to yoga.

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January 14 January 16
Prana Yoga Center Grand Blanc, MI, USA

Weekend Workshop

January 21 January 23
Yoga Shala of San Antonio San Antonio, TX, USA

Weekend Workshop

January 21 January 23
Yoga Shala San Antonio San Antonio, TX, USA

Weekend Workshop

January 31 March 19
Miami Life Center Miami, USA

Two Month Intensive

with Kino MacGregor & Special Friends

April 8 April 10
Ashtanga Yoga Colombus Columbus, OH, USA

Weekend Workshop

April 22 April 24
Flagstaff Ashtanga Yoga Falagstaff, AZ, USA

Weekend Workshop

April 29 May 1
Yoga East Austin, TX, USA

Weekend Workshop

May 3 May 7
Miami Life Center Miami, FL, USA

5-Day Online Workshop

June 10 June 12
Astanga Studio Copenhagen, Denmark

Weekend Workshop

June 18 June 24
Balearic Retreats Mallorca, Spain

1-Week Mallorca Retreat

With Tim & Kino

July 6 August 7
MLC at Miami Yoga Garage Miami, USA

1-Month Practitioners Intensive

With Kino and Special Friends

August 19 August 21
Ashtanga Yoga Mira Aarhus, Denmark

Weekend Workshop

August 26 August 28
Astanga Yoga Brighton Brighton Beach, UK

Weekend Workshop

September 9 September 11
Yoga Ana Pau Barcelona, Spain

Weekend Workshop

September 16 September 18
Puro Yoga Oslo Oslo, Norway

Weekend Workshop

October 7 October 9
Love Story Yoga San Fransisco, USA

Weekend Workshop

October 14 October 16
Secret Room Yoga Mexico City, Mexico

Weekend Workshop


October 21 October 23
Ashtanga Yoga Cleveland Heights Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Weekend Workshop

October 25 October 30
Yoga View Chicago, USA

6-day Immersion

November 4 November 6
Rio Rio de Jaineiro, Brazil

Weekend Workshop

November 11 November 15
Samatva Yoga Florinopolis, Brazil

5-day Immersion

November 22 November 26
Radiantly Aliv Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

5-day Immersion

with Kino MacGregor

December 1 December 30
Sharath Yoga Center Mysore, India

I'm in Mysore/India

practice practice practice

December 31 January 14
Purple Valley / Yoga Goa Assagao, Goa, India

2-Week Retreat


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